Race to Saturn

The Experimenter

Click here to get the Experimenter desktop app for Mac (integrated with the Navigator)!

The Experimenter app makes it easy to quickly test new things in your work, by making it easy to save a version of a project, enter notes about it, and access all prior versions. For any file type. So you can experiment and track what you do, returning to a prior version whenever you want.

Here’s the Issue

A lot of apps don’t have an easy way to save versions of your work. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Logic Pro, and many more: They either have no way to view prior versions at all, or they provide version history only if you use their browser based versions (i.e., you don’t get version history for files just on your computer). And even then, viewing prior versions is disorganized and cluttered. And entering notes so you can understand the version later is cumbersome (if available at all).

So it’s hard to experiment and try new things in your work.

As programmers, we’d never put up with this. We’ve had a brilliant tool for over 15 years called “Git” for version control. But Git is technical and geared toward programmers.

Outside of programming, people sometimes try to work around the lack of easy version saving with strategies like creating a whole new file each time, naming it something like “Super Final Version, v36, December 15, 2021.” This gets disorganized, and it’s too clunky for moving fast and trying new things.

How It Works

The Experimenter app makes it seamless, with just a few clicks, for any file type.

From the app, when you’re ready to focus on a project and want to save versions, just hit Project Window. From there, anytime you want to save a new project version, just hit Save Version, enter any notes, and you’re done. To see prior versions, just click Prior Versions, view your notes, and select the version you want to open up.

And the Experimenter integrates with the Navigator, so in one spot you can navigate across all your work, including your old versions.


Contact: build@racetosaturn.com