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Brainstorm Ideas (1) for Needy

Hi @peterlu:

Here are some brainstorming ideas for “Needy”. (I’ve created a new project called “Music Brainstorming” for this kind of thing–experimenting with songs and sounds.)


I’ve got the logic pro files, the voice memo, and the bounce here:

To get the logic pro file, just download the logicx item in the link. Also, if you’ve got the Experimenter app, you can download the whole folder, open the app, and view prior versions.

Voice Memo

My main idea is that the song could sound like a sprint (tight and disciplined, but also a little frantic–and moving from the first to last moment). Here’s a voice memo I made with an idea for the verse tune:

Instrumental Stuff

And here’s the bounce of the logic pro file with some different tune ideas (these aren’t in necessarily the order of the actual song–these are different ideas to consider). The instruments are mostly strings and synths here–just happens to be what I had access to. Main point is some of the different tune ideas:

Hey Sean,
Thanks for sharing all this! Really appreciate the instrumentals and the melody. Also love the previous version notes. Everything, including the embedded audio, is user friendly and convenient all around. Will take your ideas and develop the song some more!

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