Race to Saturn

The Projects App

Race to Saturn’s Projects App gives you a simple and organized way to create projects where you share work in progress, coordinate feedback from other people, and track insights as you go. It’s an engine for making work better.

You can make projects public or private, and creating a project gives you the power of a full website for your work, except in 30 seconds, instead of hours.

And each project gives you an easy, organized way to have other people contribute to work, whether you’ve got a team of two or thousands. Instead of having everyone edit a doc at once or send around scattered edits over email (like in google docs, microsoft sharepoint, etc…), your projects have a single updated version of work, with proposed edits and discussion about those edits linked in a single, organized spot.

We’ve been inspired by the power of open source software, and the workflow that tools like GitHub and GitLab offer programmers. We wanted to give that power and workflow to people beyond programming.

Here’s more info:

  • If you’d like to see an example of a project, check out The Founder Toolkit - a project that’s about tracking to-the-point examples of startup founders doing things well, so other founders don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

  • For more about why we built the Projects App, check out: Sharing your work in progress.

  • We use Race to Saturn’s Projects App to run the Founders Project, where founders and creators set goals together, share work in progress and go deep on feedback, and track insights learned. Want to learn more?

If you’d like to create a project or learn more, contact us at build@racetosaturn.com.