Race to Saturn

Share Your Work in Progress

We’re building a place to share your work in progress and get contributions from others as you go.

Here’s why:

There should be a place where we can share our drafts. Where we can get work out into the world, and start getting contributions from others, without first needing the work to be perfect.

A place to post your work that’s not about views, subscribers, or likes. So we can experiment more easily and create more freely.

There’s a lot of reasons to share our work that aren’t about trying to be famous. Like getting the momentum of having something concrete in the world. And making our work better faster by getting feedback and contributions earlier in the process. And connecting with other people who are making related things.

In programming we share our work all the time through places like GitHub and GitLab. It’s understood that our code isn’t perfect when we share it–because it’s never perfect! After all, Apple is still updating the iPhone’s code ever day. Same goes for all the major software you use. Why is our non-programming work different?

Outside of programming, we’ve worked in law, the corporate world, the military, venture capital, and music. These other areas haven’t figured out the right way to do workflow. Their tools for sharing work and collaborating, especially outside of just small groups, are overly complicated and disorganized. Programmers have streamlined sharing, and their process provides important lessons.

Sharing work in progress and getting contributions from others is the driver of open source software, where people who use and love a piece of software can be involved in continually improving it. And open source is the greatest tool to make work better that humanity has ever created.

So we need the same tool for our research, planning, writing, video, and music work too.

Here’s an example: We should be open sourcing going to Mars. The folks at NASA and SpaceX are amazing. But there’s a huge variety of people outside those organizations who could contribute to the crucial elements of going to Mars, and not just by helping on software. Elements like the right trajectory for the trip to Mars, the best fuel strategy, the best landing method, the right materials for building Martian habitats, and more.

There is some sharing that happens now, but it’s almost always in specialized places geared toward insiders, and inaccessible to everyone else. We need to make it easy for outsiders to get involved and contribute.

We’re built Race to Saturn to make this happen. Race to Saturn makes it easy to create projects where you can share your work in progress, organize contributions from others, and track lessons as you go. For more, check out What We’re Building.

And one of our favorite first projects is the Founders Project, where founders set goals together, share work in progress and go deep on feedback, and track insights learned. Sound fun? Click here to learn more.

Want to create a project or have any questions? Contact us at build@racetosaturn.com.