Race to Saturn

Start simple.

For any new product, have it offer one clear thing (or at most two) that its users can understand.

A lot of founders think that they should make a complex product with multiple features - and the more the better. But for new users who don’t already trust you, that sounds like a lot of work from their perspective. Those multiple features put up a barrier between you and your early users.

Think about it this way: which of these two hypothetical articles would you click on to read:

Option A) “How to live your happiest life ever.”

Option B) “One easy thing you can do to have more energy right now.”

Maybe you’d click on both, or neither. :slight_smile:

But if I had to choose, I’d definitely go with Option B, because the value proposition is clearer, and it seems like a lot less work to get that value.

New users are likely to approach your product the same way. Give them a simple to understand value proposition that they can get in a straightforward way.

Resources about this idea:

Here are examples from the Founder Toolkit of how successful startups have described their products in simple, easy to understand ways:

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