Race to Saturn

About the Big 5 Startup Principles

The 5 most powerful ideas for founders and builders to know. Here’s the underlying theme: Go after the thing you’re excited to create.

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Here are the Big 5 (click on each to go deeper):

  1. Start simple. Be ok creating something narrow and simple to begin.

  2. Don’t be perfect. Just go. Focus on just moving forward, and get rid of perfectionism.

  3. Be weird. Embrace what’s strange about yourself and what you want to do.

  4. Welcome hurdles. Know that obstacles are common and entirely consistent with creating something great.

  5. Do things that don’t scale. Do the task before you right now really well, without worrying about whether you’ve got a scalable solution.

We lead a team for founders where we set goals together each week, share our works-in-progress and go deep on feedback, and track solutions to the problems we face. If you’re interested in moving forward faster and not having to figure everything out on your own, you can learn more here: The Founders Project.