Race to Saturn

Great energy

Hey Sean, really like the track. I love how it naturally flows up and down with energy. You create a nice sonic atmosphere—I can really hear the sun in your sounds.

Perhaps a fun new tool could be messing with some frequency cutoffs in different sections? Removing all of the low end in a quieter section can help make moments where you bring in nice bass sounds be even more grand. Alternatively, you could remove the high end in an ending section to softly close out the song and give the impression it is fading away naturally.

I also appreciate the ability to download the audio along with the project. Gives great options for remixing and improving a project more naturally.

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Thanks for your feedback. Really appreciate it. If you’re interested in building on top of it feel fee to go ahead and download.

Duly noted on changing frequency cutoffs–I especially like the fading away naturally at the end.