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Find the Sun


This page is about Find the Sun, a song (still in draft) I started creating in 2020. I put most of it together in a few days in the late winter. Originally, the song was a collection of ideas, that I figured I’d smooth out in dramatic ways, or add to other songs. But I never got to that smoothing out process–instead, I wanted to start listening to it while I worked here and there, so I uploaded it here. In doing so, the different ideas started blending together into a cohesive song, at least in my mind.

It’s meant to be a dreamy, inspiring tune.

The Song

Here’s the latest version of the song (Version 6):


The song has no lyrics. But it I’ve always had the following words in my head at different points in the tune:

We’re not done.
We’ll find the sun.
The sun will rise.
The sun will rise

Don’t fear my love,
We will see this through.

I will find a way
to return to you.

We’re not done.
We’ll find the sun.
The sun will rise.
The sun will rise.

If I ever add lyrics, those will probably be them.

The Logic File

Here’s the logic pro file for Version 6:

Find the Sun.logicx.zip (3.9 MB)

And prior logic pro versions are here: Find the Sun: Logic Pro File.

Next Steps

  • There’s a big transition about 2/3 of the way through, where the song changes from orchestral-focused to electronic focused. That transition, and the parts right after, could use some extra smoothing out.

  • I plan to smooth out the transition from the intro to the rest

  • I have in mind to add a “distant” sounding hum–which will enable me to (hopefully) get to the pizazz I’ve had in mind for this song.